* A turtle and a snail start moving towards each other when they are 200 feet apart. The turtle is running at a speed of T feet per minute, and the snail is moving at a speed of S feet per minute. How soon will they meet?

Accepted Solution

Answer:         200 ft               200t = -------------------- = ---------- min       (S + T) ft/min      S + TStep-by-step explanation:Recall that distance = (rate)(time).The distance traveled by the turtle in t minutes is dt = (T ft/min)(t), andthe distance traveled by the snail in t minutes is ds = (S ft/min)(t).  We know that ds + dt must be 200 ft.Thus, (S ft/min)(t) + (T ft/min)(t) = 200 ft.The variable t, representing elapsed time, is common to both terms on the left.  Thus,         200 ft               200t = -------------------- = ---------- min       (S + T) ft/min      S + T